Server Features

We are a Mid Rate Crafter PvP server, that means we will try hard to emulate as close as we can the experience of playing in a pure Mid PvP environment. We are a fun server, with lots of new customizations that we think will make the game more active. All this without breaking the Essence Classic mechanics that we love.

Global Features:
  • Sub Max Level 85, No required quest.
  • Adena rates x4
  • Drop/Spoil rates x4
  • Skill Experience rates x10
  • No Custom Armors/Weapons/Jewelery
  • Character Services Menu
  • PvP Rewards
  • Clan Progression System
  • Top Voter System
  • Auto Events
  • 34 Buffs Total
  • Extras:
  • Character Startup System Easy
  • All-In-One Community Board
  • Premium System
  • PvP Zones
  • Player vs. Player Systems
  • Party/Solo Instance
  • Flag Zones
  • Raid Zones
  • Siege War Rewards
  • Access to three towns only
  • RaidBoss Kill Reward

  • Enchantment Details:
  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Max Enchant: +12
  • Blessed Enchant: Retail Form Essence (Premium +15%)
  • Normal Enchant: Retail Form Essence (Premium +15%)

  • Implemented Features:
    Boss Rush from Lost Ark. We implemented the system from Lost Ark with affixes, debuffs and a completely new reward system.
    Daily Login Reward System. Monthly Circle.
    Tons of character skins, which are obtainable only as reward for supporting the server.
    Dungeon System with exponentially raising stage difficulty.
    Hourly PvP Zone, Party zone, Raid and Grandboss Zones with exclusive rewards.
    Auto Events Boss.
    Rebalanced PvP from the ground up with many new changes.
    DDOS protection, Hourly Database Backup.
    For more Information please join our Discord